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These publications are in alphabetical order by lead author. If you need additional assistance, please contact Sheila Moore at: (865) 946-1349 or E-Mail: mooresa@ornl.gov

 Chin, S.M., DL Greene, J Hopson, HL Hwang, B Thompson. Towards Real-Time Indices of U.S. Vehicle Travel and Traffic Congestion, Report No. S99-101067 .

 Davis, SC. Transportation Energy Data Book Edition 19, Report No. ORNL-6958 . To visit the Transportation Energy Data Book Website, click here.

 Davis, SC, LF Truett and PS Hu. Fuel Used for Off-Road Recreation: A Reassessment of the Fuel Use Model, Report No. ORNL/TM-1999/100 .

 Greene, DL. An Assessment of Energy and Environmental Issues Related to the Use of Gas-to-Liquid Fuels in Transportation, Report No. ORNL/TM-1999/258 .

 Greene, DL, J Kahn and R Gibson. "Fuel Economy Rebound Effect for U.S. Household Vehicles," Energy Journal, March, Report No. P99-102091 .

 Greene, DL. "Should We Worry About the Rebound Effect?" Canadian Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, March 4-5, 1999, Report No. S99-102087 .

 Greene, DL. and KG Duleep. "Automotive Materials and Fuel Economy Improvement," Journal of Industrial Ecology, Report No. P99-101079 .

 Greene, D.L. "Impacts of Replacement Fuels Policies on Petroleum Displacement," 78th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, Jan. 10-14, 1999, Report No. S99-101065 .

 Hadley, SW, S Das and JW Miller. Aluminum R&D for Automotive Uses and the Department of Energy's Role, Report No. ORNL/TM-1999/157 .

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